Stay Safe Online.

Stay Secure Online

There are lots of ways you can keep more secure when you’re online. Below are some suggestions for extra safety.

Keep your security software current.
Update your anti-virus, firewall and security patches for your operating system frequently.
For a free firewall program download ZoneAlarm.
For a free anti-virus program download AVG.
Take care opening emails even from reputable companies like banks – if you’re suspicious, don’t click any links in the email, instead go to the link you normally use and log in there.
Monitor your accounts to see if there’s any suspicious activity.
Change your password often, especially if you think your security has been breached.
Use a password nobody can guess, and use different ones for different accounts.
A good password contains letters and numbers. If somebody gets hold of your details, take action immediately by getting a fraud alert placed on your credit report.